Be healthy

Posted by Sarah Haisman

Here are several items that can be helpful for you, if you are eager to start a new healthier life.

1. Would you like to have a bush of shining hair? You should understand that your hair needs surface moisture and if you use a hairdryer daily, you risk damaging your hair irreversibly. Moreover, the sound your hairdryer produces puts a strain on your organism in general. It will be better for you, if you reduce blow-drying your hair. Many cosmetic substances can help you to straighten your hair or to wave it without using a hairdryer. You should also remember the fact that wet hair suffers from mechanical effects, so you must not rub, squeeze or twist your hair after your shower, otherwise you risk, in your foolishness, losing healthy hair.

2. Mind your posture. Those people who slouch do not only lose their aesthetic attractiveness and use Alpha Brain, they break their own health, look Alpha Brain. If your shoulders and head constantly draw forward, you will definitely have headaches and migraines soon. Incorrect posture leads to stress or even depression. Faults in posture affect your internals too.

3. Constant motion must be a major part of your life-style. If you work in an office and you have to sit in front of a computer all day long, you should not feel sorry for yourself, spend not less than half an hour on physical exercises, in such a way you will prolong your life. Take a stroll during your lunchtime.

4. If you are faced with the dilemma: to take the stairs or to take an elevator, choose the first variant. You will burn some calories and you will not spend a minute waiting for the lift cabin to arrive at scheduled floor.

5. You should consume not less fruit and vegetables than it is recommended by dietitians. If you are inclined to obesity and diabetes, you must control your diet in a strict way. You must have a healthy diet even if you are not inclined to any diseases, just do it in order to prevent any health sufferings. Would you like to be healthy, happy and beautiful? Reconsider your diet, increase veggie intake.