Flying Bird Tap on screen for control.
Happy Rabbits You are hungry and have to eat all the food that is thrown your way! Just open your mouth and keep eating the foods! You are very very hungry, so don’t miss any food! Also ..
Skywire Skywire is a game where you have to balance while walking and try not to fall down for as long as possible.
Go Fish Fish the fish and avoid the bomb and barrels.
Zoo Stunter Tap screen to launch the pig and get high score.and becareful.
Touch Fishing You are a fisherman who is catching some fish. You just have to catch the fish by touching them or clicking on them. Just note that your time is limited and you have to catch as ..
War Plane Another jet fighter game! You control an airplane which shoots automatically. Enemy fighters keep coming at you and you have to destroy them. Just be careful to dodge their ..
Slash Slash! is a fruit ninja style game.
Panda Love Panda Love is an adventure platformer with pixel art. It has +20 levels.
Katana Fruits Katana Fruits is a Action game. The goal is to cut all the fruits that appear on the screen without dropping them and avoid the bombs.
Tetris Use the Arrow Keys to Play. You can use space button for dropping the tiles.
Game Christmas Furious This year Christmas will be furious! Many balloons invaded the North Pole, and Santa has to run to catch the gifts. But he changed his sleigh, and he is now fast and furious! ..
Bin Pall A retro arcade game in the style of old consoles. Use the paddles to keep the ball on-screen and gain points! Hit special hot-spots on the table to get bonuses.
Angry Finches We made the Angry Finches Game as a physics based game and we tried to add a major advantage to it in comparison with similar games. In this game you can choose! It means that you ..
Push Me Out Push Me Out is a prize vending game machine where you have to move the push rod under the gift within limited time.
Chop Chop Chop Chop is a game where you present a postal worker who works for a post office to chop to approve or reject the envelope.
Flappy Dot Here is my new amazing game the Flappy Dot it is amazing play it and rate it.
Ahoy! Pirates Adventure Ahoy! Pirates Adventure is an Arcade Game. Are you nostalgic for the classical Pac-Man??? Then Ahoy! Pirates Adventure is just right for you! Help your hero to collect all the ..
Copcopcop Tap on screen for control.
Brust Limit Touch to throw grenade.
Electric Cage You are stuck in an electric cage with your space ship and have to dodge incoming electric balls and avoid hitting cage walls in order to survive! Each electric ball that you ..
Slide the baLL Help the ball fall into the hole.
Dangerous Circle Orbit around the circle and dodge the spikes! These spikes appear both inside or outside of the circle and you have to change where you orbit to dodge them. Every complete ..
Falling Balls Change your color and gather the falling balls with the same color! These balls just keep coming at you and you just have to match the center ball’s color with the falling ..
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