Healthy Weight Loss Tips: GPS is all you need!

Posted by Sarah Haisman

Do you ever get into your car and go to an unknown destination? I'm sure you answered no. Every time you start the car, you have a pre-determined destination you intend to drive your vehicles towards. Right? Think about how odd it would be to jump into your car, start it up, start driving, and then keep driving around aimlessly because you never determined where you actually want to end up!

Your mind works the exact same way. If you tell your mind you just want to lose weight, it has no way of putting on the brakes when you pick up a high fat snack, testro-x or high sodium munchies, more testro-x reviews. Your mind doesn't really know exactly what you want it to do, so it will keep on doing what it's used to doing. On the other hand, if you program your mind to lose ten pounds per month by eating half-meals, your subconscious mind will automatically trigger your actions to follow suite. Before you doubt it, please try it! It's incredibly powerful, and highly effective for losing weight the healthy way.

Losing weight is not a goal. It's just an idea. Losing ten pounds per month by eating half-meals and exercising for fifteen minutes each day; now that's a goal! Let's revisit the GPS theory as it relates to driving your car.

When you type in the final destination, what happens? Your GPS gives you step-by-step directions how to get to that destination. You are doing the exact same thing to your mind when you program it for losing weight. For example, tell your mind to eat half meals every single day until you can pinch only one inch of fat around your belly button. What will your mind do? Your mind will slam the brakes on when you pick up that high-fat snack or high calorie specialty drink from your local coffee shop.

Remember this as you continue your weight loss journey: Your mind is a gps unit and you need to properly program it with the exact final destination. Your mind will then stay honed in on the simple, step-by-step directions that will get you to that end goal (or destination).

The simple-to-follow steps (or directions) are what I have dedicated my entire life to teaching people. It's all about Small Habits, HUGE Results- that's the winning formula that will encourage you to reach that end goal! For now, keep up the great work and stay focused. You can do it- and be sure to visit my site for free tips and self-help information to keep your GPS programmed properly so you stay on all the right roads.