September 27, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy movie “Prince Seahorse, The Prince’s Wedding Dress 海馬王子之王子的嫁衣” tells the story that the seahorse empress Tianqing was preparing the inheritance ceremony for her only son Tianyi, when Tianyin, Tianyi’s uncle, took the opportunity to assassinate her, making the ceremony fail to complete. Zhu Zhe (a tuna) helped the prince Tianyi escape from the palace. Tianyi was extremely gifted and not consumed with hatred, even if he encountered the betrayal. He grew up quickly and learnt to assume his responsibility. Finally, with the help of his friends and his love, he defeated the enemy and reclaimed the throne.

故事简介: 奇幻仙侠电影《海马王子之王子的嫁衣 Prince Seahorse, The Prince’s Wedding Dress》讲述 海马女皇天晴为独子天一准备传承仪式,皇叔天阴趁机暗算天晴,使得天一的传承仪式未能完成,老臣诸哲(金枪鱼)带着王子天一逃离皇宫。天一天赋极高,遭遇宫变,却没有被仇恨所吞噬!迅速的成长,学会了责任与担当。最终在好友和爱人的帮助下,击败了敌人,夺回了皇位。

出品 Studio: 上海远信影视 Yuanxin Film.
制片人 Produced by: 高友和 Gao Youhe.
导演 Directed by: 邬汝彬 Wu Rubin, 杨建武 Yang Jianwu.
编剧 Screenplay by: 许晖 Xu Hui, 罗勇 Luo Yong.
主演 Starring: 张倬闻 Zhang Zhuowen, 李依晓 Li Yixiao, 谢文轩 Xie Wenxuan, 高光泽 Gao Guangze, 冯芷墨 Feng Zhimo, 简远信 Jerry.
题材 Genres: #奇幻 #仙侠 #Fantasy

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