October 3, 2023

Synopsis: The sci-fi disaster movie “Restart The Earth 重啟地球” tells that due to the leakage of the newly developed “super auxin”, the cell activity of plants has been greatly enhanced, and they have begun to grow and spread rapidly. Humanity is facing an unprecedented crisis. Scientists have developed “inhibitors” that can reduce the activity of plant cells, and are escorted by various dispatched action teams to complete global deployments. Senior electrical engineer Yang Hao and his daughter Yuan Yuan fell behind in the evacuation and joined the action team to complete the delivery mission together. In the mission, Yang Hao gradually strengthened his fearless spirit to fight against the disaster. Finally, Yang Hao summoned the courage to sacrifice his ego and completed the launch. With the joint efforts of all mankind, this disaster was finally brought to an end.

故事简介: 科幻灾难电影《重启地球 Restart The Earth》讲述由于新研发的“超级生长素”泄露,植物的细胞活性大幅度增强,开始急速生长,迅速蔓延。人类遭遇了前所未有的危机。科学家研发出能够降低植物细胞活性的“抑制剂”,并由各个派遣行动小队护送,完成全球投放,从而扭转局面。 高级电力工程师杨浩(何晟铭饰)和他的女儿元元(张茗灿饰)在撤离中掉队,加入行动队,一起完成投放任务。在灾难之中,杨浩逐渐坚定与这场灾难做斗争的大无畏精神,最后,杨浩鼓起勇气牺牲小我,完成了投放。在全人类共同努力下终于结束了这场灾难。

出品 Studio: 奇树有鱼 Qishu Youyu Media, 众乐乐影视 Zhong LeLe Pictures, 中广天择 TV Zone.
制片人 Produced by: 黄璐璐 Huang Lulu, 李思文 Li Siwen, 有为 You Wei, 林雪健 Lin Xuejian.
导演 Directed by: 林珍钊 Lin Zhezhao
编剧 Screenplay by: 张圣帆 Zhang Shengfan, 林珍钊 Lin Zhezhao.
主演 Starring: 何晟铭 He Shengming, 罗米 Luo Mi, 张茗灿 Zhang Mingcan, 于荣光 Yu Rongguang, 叶璇 Ye Xuan.
题材 Genres: #科幻 #sciencefiction #灾难 #disaster

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