September 29, 2023

The film tells the story of Ulihan, the king of the Great Moon in the Tang Dynasty, who fled to Didao for refuge, and was helped by Didao’s soldiers and horses Li Cunshan, his father and daughter, and the Wolong Temple monk Suonanjian’s education, and thus put aside hatred and practiced carefully and did not want to usurp the throne. Uncle Gegel did not let him go. He was still waiting for an opportunity to kill him. Forced to flee to the Great Moon State to summon his father’s old ministry, Ulihan succeeded in restoring the country, but he angered Datang because of the departure of his lover Li Chenxuan. Raised troops to conquer Di Dao and almost killed his son by mistake. Finally, inspired by Suo Nanjian’s spirit of “eat the tiger with his body”, he re-acquainted himself, handed the Great Moon State to Datang, and went back to Wolong Temple to become a monk. s story.
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