September 27, 2023

Synopsis: The sci-fi romance film “Virtual Lies 虛擬的謊言” is about a story related to VR world. Xu Ze is a program engineer. He developed a VR world to help the people who lost their beloved ones as himself. His ex-girlfriend passed away four years and he indulged in it to meet the virtual her. Su Tiantian came close to him for his invaluable virtual coins. But they fell into love with each other. At this time, Shui Sheng, a colleague of Xu Ze, disclosed Su Tiantian’s secret and made Su Tiantian leave. Then Xu Ze’s virtual coins are all gone. At last, Xu Ze fould the truth and saved his love and creer.

故事简介: 科幻爱情电影《虚拟的谎言 Virtual Lies》讲述VR程序员徐泽和志同道合的朋友,共同创建了公益暖阳工作室,希望用VR技术让痛失挚爱的人得到安慰。徐泽使用虚拟现实技术创业,沉浸在虚拟世界中的徐泽迷茫而躁动,原来徐泽的前女友四年前意外去世,美丽的苏甜甜接近徐泽,要骗取他价值不菲的虚拟货币。徐泽的真诚感动了滑向犯罪深渊的甜甜,也挽救了他们的爱情,他们携手一起创办了“暖阳工作室”,投身于社会公益事业。

出品 Studio: 梦想国际影业 Dream International Film.
制片人 Produced by: 徐献峰 Xu Xianfeng, 李相国 Li Xiangguo.
导演 Directed by: 杨峰 Yang Feng.
编剧 Screenplay by: 杨峰 Yang Feng, 何畏 He Wei.
主演 Starring: 刘沛 Liu Pei, 裴筝筝 Pei Zhengzheng, 闫博生 Yan Bosheng, 孙余 Sun Yu.
题材 Genres: #科幻 #SciFi #爱情 #Romance

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