September 26, 2023

Synopsis: The fantasy romance movie “The Mermaid 美人魚” tells a story of marine biology researcher Yang Fan who fell into the sea while chasing a mermaid and was saved by a mermaid named Xiaoyu who dressed as a human. After experiencing the hardships of exploitation, doubt, deception and confession, Yang Fan and Xiaoyu fell in love and finally saved each other.

故事简介: 奇幻爱情电影《美人鱼 The Mermaid 》讲述了海洋生物学研究员杨帆在追捕人鱼时坠海,被扮成人形的美人鱼小雨相救,在经历利用、怀疑、欺骗、坦白等磨砺后,杨帆和小雨相爱,并最终相互拯救的故事。

出品 Studio: 奇树有鱼 Qishu Youyu Media 青岛心源置业 Xinyuan 精鹰传媒 JY Media
制片人 Produced by: 李思文 Li Siwen, 童伟 Tong Wei.
导演 Directed by: 童伟 Tong Wei.
编剧 Screenplay by: 何三七 He Sanqi.
主演 Starring: 林妍柔 Stella Lin, 应岱臻 Ying Daizhen, 克拉拉 Claral Lee, 彭十六 Peng Shiliu.
题材 Genres: #奇幻 #Fantasy #爱情 #Romance

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