September 26, 2023

Synopsis: Movie “Walking Dead Master 2 The Witch Girl 赶尸人之九阴蛊女” is about a mysterious thriller walking dead story, The enmity between a master of walking dead and a girl ghost. 100 years ago, A’Nuo and A’Yi were two girls who lived together. One day, A’nuo killed a rogue to protect A’Yi. and A’Yi was executed to protect A’Nuo. A’Nuo then jumped down the cliff for love. But A’Nuo didn’t die and became a girl ghost. Master Yue Rugou lost A’Yi’s body when he drove some walking deads. 100 years later. Yue Rugou was reborn as Li Nanbei. The girl ghost will find him for their enmity of 100 years…

故事简介:奇幻电影《赶尸人之九阴蛊女 Walking Dead Master 2 The Witch Girl》讲述赶尸匠人(前世名岳如勾,后世名李南北)与蛊尸鬼煞 九阴蛊女 阿诺 一百多年的恩怨情仇:阿诺和阿依原本是一对民国年间从小相依为命的女孩,拜草鬼婆为师成为蛊女,后两人吞食情蛊成为恋人,然而阿依在一次给马老爷送金蚕蛊的时候,被其儿子玷污,阿依愤怒中用蛊术杀死马老爷儿子,随后阿依顶罪被处决,阿诺殉情跳下万丈深渊,然而拥有九阴身体的阿诺却成为蛊尸鬼煞。赶尸匠岳如勾不小心丢掉阿依的尸体使其成为不能投胎的孤魂野鬼,阿诺于是找到岳如勾转世的李南北,要为这一百多年的恩怨复仇!

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出品 Studio: 上海凡酷 Funcola Media
导演 Director: 严绍根 Yan Shaogeng
主演 Starring: 苗贺程 Miao Hecheng, 黄易子 Huang Yizi, 韩伊沫 Han Yimo, 许喵喵 Xu Miaomiao
题材 Genres: 奇幻 Mystery, 惊悚 Thriller, 赶尸 Walking Dead

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