September 29, 2023

【Chinese Name】快枪手
【Starring】刘欢 Liu Huan / 宋雨霏 Song Yufei / 曹苑 Cao Yuan
【Synopsis】After the “September 18th” incident, a fast gunner Ma Lin returned to his hometown in the northeast with determination because he opposed Zhang Xueliang’s negative Anti-Japanese stance. Zhang Xueliang was convinced of Ma Lin’s good marksmanship and sent his good friend Yang Mei to change Ma Lin’s mind, but he would not go. The bandit Lu Da was taught by Ma Lin several years ago, and he has always held a grudge against him. Now that he has grown up, he has hundreds of people under his command. To humiliate Ma Lin, he raped Ma Lin’s wife Qiu Ju and then returned home. Seeing that Qiu Ju bore a child for Lu Da, Ma Lin resolutely divorced his wife and fought Lu Da again. Since Lu Da had done much evil, the villagers did not dare to help each other, but Qiu Ju, who was divorced, wanted to help Ma Lin suppress the bandits. Ma Lin felt grateful and guilty. After sending Yangmei away, he fought side by side with Qiu Ju in a bloody battle against the bandits.
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