October 3, 2023

Synopsis: The wuxia martial arts action movie “New Fong Sai-Yuk, Battle in The Cliff City 新方世玉之決戰危城 ” tells the story of Fang Shiyu and his father Fang De who escorted silk to Hangzhou to attend a market during the Qianlong period. The local bully Lei Laohu in Hangzhou rampaged through the town. At the market, he got his eyes on the Qiu family who came all the way from Cliff City to perform. In order to buy Qiu’s daughter Qiu Ming, Leihu beat Qiu’s father to death. Fang Shiyu, who saw the injustice happening in front of him, stepped in and killed him instead. Li Xiaohuan, Leihu’s wife, heard the news and caught revenge. Fang Shiyu is outnumbered and falls off a cliff. In order to keep the Fang family out of trouble, he and Qiu Ming changed their names and stayed in the Cliff City clothing store temporarily. But their life in Cliff City was not peaceful. Not only were there bullies in the market everywhere, but they were also in cahoots with the bandits headed by Zhang Jinhong who had been entrenching the Cliff City for a long time. The people of Cliff City suffered greatly. Fang Shiyu and Qiu Ming formed an affection towards each other. Together with Qiu Ming, they beat the City Guard led by Duan Five to the ground. After that, Fang Shiyu was nominated by the people as the new leader of the City Guard to fight against Zhang Jinhong…

故事简介: 武侠动作电影《新方世玉之决战危城 New Fong Sai-Yuk, Battle in The Cliff City》讲述乾隆年间,方世玉随其父方德押送丝绸前往杭州参加集会,杭州当地恶霸雷老虎横行乡里,在集会上相中自崖城一路卖艺来到杭州的秋氏父女,为强抢秋氏之女秋茗,雷老虎打死秋父,路见不平的方世玉出手阻挠并反致其于死地。雷老虎之妻李小环闻讯带人寻仇,方世玉寡不敌众坠入悬崖。为不拖累方家,他和秋茗改名换姓暂留崖城制衣店,但在崖城的日子过的并不太平,以段五为首的崖城保安队掌控着崖城人的生死,不仅到处欺行霸市,还与常年盘踞崖城以张锦洪为首的悍匪互相勾结,崖城百姓深受其害。方世玉与秋茗互生情愫,并与秋茗联手将段五保安队一行人打的满地找牙,同时被百姓推举为新任保安队长打算和张锦洪做抗争…

出品 Studio: 河北鼎尊文化传媒 Ding Zun Media.
制片人 Produced by:郭维 Guo Wei, 尹帅 Yin Shuai.
导演 Directed by: 刘亚瑟 Liu Yase.
编剧 Screenplay by: 钭大福 Dou Dafu, 刘亚瑟 Liu Yase.
主演 Starring: 白那日苏 Bainai Risu, 苏月 Su Yue, 徐少强 Norman Chui, 孙蛟龙 Sun Jiaolong, 陈之辉 Chen Zhihui.
题材 Genres: 武侠Wuxia Martial Arts, 动作 Action.

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