October 3, 2023

Synopsis: Action Movie “Fatal Contact 地下黑拳” is a Kung Fu Action Film. Qin Xiaofan is an apprentice of Master Jiang. When he is preparing for the National Martial Arts Competition, His mother gets ill. He has to join Gangster Da Fei and earn money by boxing. Other side, his girlfriend Ling Ling’s adopted brother Wang Siyuan plans to kill Xiaofan, marry Ling Ling and take her father’s place. When Xiaofan’s mother died, he decides to be the New Boxing King by defeating the “Famous Boxing Machine” Carlos. But all of these are a trap to him…

故事簡介: 功夫動作電影《地下黑拳 Fatal Contact》講述 在蔣師傅門下學拳的秦小凡(陳楊子 飾),正當小凡準備全國武術大賽時,因母親病重被迫加入黑道大飛打黑拳掙錢,另一面小凡女友玲玲的干哥哥王思元覬覦玲玲許久,想要藉大飛之手除掉蔣小凡,霸占玲玲,從而繼承義父的遺產。小凡掙回的錢最終沒能救回母親,正當小凡決心通過最後一戰打敗海外格鬥霸王卡洛斯成為黑拳之王時,他卻發現自己一步步陷入大飛和王思元的圈套……

出品 Studio: 鼎興影視 Ding Xing Film
導演 Director: 薛少 Xue Shao
主演 Starring: 張藍兮 Zhang Lanxi, 陳楊子 Chen Yangzi
題材 Genres: 動作片 Action, 功夫 KungFu

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