September 29, 2023

Synopsis: Time-Travel & Romance Movie “盗墓迷情之千年王妃 Princess of Millennium Tomb” is about a millennial love story. In West Han Dynasty, The Haihun Marquis, Liu He married a girl Li Jingxiang by force and put her lover, Ye Guhang into prison. Then Li Jingxiang swallowed a cursed gemstone at the wedding night. She killed the Marquis’s son, Liu Daizong by a mistake and was buried alive in a millennial tomb. Liu Daizong was later proved the first man who falls in loves with her. Millions of years later, her body and Liu Daizong’s were discovered by grave robbers. They wake up and bring back the love and hate a million years ago…

故事简介:穿越玄幻古装爱情电影《盗墓迷情之千年王妃 Princess of Millennium Tomb》主要讲述了西汉年间,海昏侯刘贺强娶第一美女李静香,拆散与叶家的良缘,导致李静香深受诅咒,被活埋穿越至今。后因国际盗墓组织的盗墓事件,李静香认识了叶家后人叶萧,从而引发了一场穿越千年的爱恨情仇。

出品 Studio: 秋实春天 Qiu Shi Chun Tian Culture, 非比寻常 Phoebe Media
导演 Director: 秦教授 Professor Qin
主演 Starring: 程媛媛 Cheng Yuanyuan, 陈锦昀 Chen Jinyun, 王萧寒 Wang Xiaohan, 陈诺 Chen Nuo
题材 Genres: 古装 Ancient Costume, 爱情 Romance LoveStory, 穿越Time-Travel

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