September 27, 2023

Synopsis: The Fantasy Action Movie “Immortal Universe 1 奇门诡秘之古井深渊” is about a strange village in the mountain. Xu Jinglou has been living there in peace for 20 years. One day he had a strange dream and forecasted a villager’s death which caused by a strange monster in the well. Then the world seems to change to another one, step by step, more and more secrets are revealed. This world is not as simple as he thought…

故事简介:玄幻动作电影《奇门诡秘 Immortal Universe 古井深渊》主要讲述了民国年间,在西南茂密森林深处的一座宁静村庄里,度过了20年安逸生活的徐镜楼,因一个偶然的怪梦而被打破平静的生活。曾经身边的亲人、朋友都因这个梦而变得面目全非、不复以往。当身边原本老实的亲人都变成了另一幅模样,一个深埋20年的秘密逐渐被揭开,徐镜楼逐渐明白世界远远没有双眼看到的那么纯粹简单,隐藏是为了躲避,还是为了守护,理念的不同造就社会的动乱,甚至血流成河。当徐镜楼第一次知道三十六门,就是三十六邪门歪道……当撕开面具,展露出来的是他们为了打破宿命而引发的斗争,他的人生也将从此发生翻天覆地的变化……

出品 Studio: 梦圆华夏影业 Meng Yuan Hua Xia, 中韵博艺 Zhong Yun Bo Yi
制片人 Produced by: 陈冬宁 Chen Dongning, 冯俊杰 Feng Junjie.
导演 Director: 王凯阳 Wang Kaiyang, 邵嗣文 Shao Siwen.
编剧 Screenplay by: 安建斌 An Jianbin.
主演 Starring: 肖聪 Xiao Cong, 秦立洋 Qin Liyang, 赵文琪 Zhao Wenqi, 刘沛 Liu Pei
题材 Genres: #玄幻 #fantasy #动作 #action

频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents
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