September 27, 2023

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【Synopsis】In order to make their silly son marry a wife, Fukuyama and his daughter-in-law gave the woman the requested 200,000 betrothal gifts. When the wedding was about to be held, the wife’s family made a request: if she wanted her daughter to marry, the married daughter-in-law would only support her father-in-law (Fushan and Fushan’s daughter-in-law), not the old woman (Fushan’s mother). Mother Fukuyama has only one son in Fukuyama, and another daughter who has already been married to the city. According to custom, Fukuyama’s father died early, and Fukuyama’s mother should be the son of Fukuyama to support her. How should Fukuyama decide between his son’s marriage and the support of his biological mother? How should Fukuyama’s sister, Fumei, decide? What is the final fate of the old lady? The final choice of the children leads to an unforgettable youthful past when Fukuyama Niang and her husband founded the country
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