September 26, 2023

【Chinese Name】鹰笛天缘
【Starring】曲尔贾 Querjia / 聂鑫 Nie Xin / 丹巴下姆 Damba Xiam
【Synopsis】Because of a promise that year, a Tibetan herdsman family raised a little girl who was unfamiliar, but when the girl reached the age of marriage, they thought they had no right to decide the girl’s future, so they had to let the girl embark on a journey to find her biological parents. Fu Yong, a middle-aged man with a successful career, returned to Tibet after a 20-year absence, looking for the legendary eagle flute, but the girl saw the clue in the distance. debt. The two clues are intertwined, finally bringing out a period of youth when Chinese university graduates went to Tibet 20 years ago. At that time, three young people full of dreams, on the pure land of Tibet, sweated and felt passion. And their soul and nature, in the cruel nature of the plateau, cannot escape the experience, and finally face the test of life and death.
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