September 27, 2023

【Chinese Name】春天的约定
【Starring】高锦 Gao Jin / 隋源 Sui Yuan / 任泽巍 Ren Zewei
【Synopsis】The film tells the story of Mi Li, a college graduate with an independent mind rather than a romantic mind, who rejected his boyfriend Qi Xiaowei’s hasty proposal and chose to participate in the poverty alleviation work together with Jin Jun, the first secretary of the Targeted Poverty Alleviation working group, and Xia Changsheng, the deputy leader. Through the difficult implementation of the poverty alleviation plan, the film solved the resistance of the masses, proposed a cabbage planting plan, and solved the problem of moving graves and so on, it firmly united the hearts of the whole village, The story of ultimately leading the local people out of poverty and becoming rich.
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